Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. Who uses IntelliCAD?

A. IntelliCAD is used by a wide variety of schools, companies, municipalities, and individuals.  Autodsys customers who are using IntelliCAD include Oxford University, the Trane Corp., Hastings College of Law, Humana Corp., Mid-States Controls Corporation, Kingspan Metl-Con Ltd, L-3 Communications Brashear, Cardno Australia, East Coast Truss, Inc., Moduline Window Systems,City of Spokane  and many others.

Q. How does Autodsys IntelliCAD compare to AutoCAD LT?

A. IntelliCAD contains many enhancements not found in AutoCAD LT including LISP, SDS, and Visual Basic, all of which allow IntelliCAD to be programmed and support add-ons such as ArchT. IntelliCAD also includes 3D Rendering and solid modeling depending on whether you purchase Standard, Pro, or Pro Plus. Since IntelliCAD supports most AutoCAD commands and has a price between $149 and $349 there is little reason to purchase LT.

Q. How does Autodsys IntelliCAD compare with IntelliCAD versions from other vendors?

A. Autodsys is a commercial member of the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC), as are others.  The ITC does most of the core development work and then each ITC member adds its own functionality.   We are also free to set our own pricing and support options, as well as determine the frequency of updates that we offer.  I think you will find that we offer a very good product at a very competitive price and that with our monthly updates and customer support Autodsys has the best overall value.

Q. Is training available for IntelliCAD?

A. IntelliCAD is intended to be like AutoCAD, using the same commands and files. Therefore most books or classes on AutoCAD will apply to IntelliCAD. The dialogs in IntelliCAD will look different but generally will perform the same functions.

Q. Are there tutorials available for IntelliCAD?

A. Any tutorial, book, or class on AutoCAD will generally be relevant for IntelliCAD since it uses the same file formats and commands. Even the dialogs generally perform the same functions although they might look a little different.

Q. I have registered intelliCAD 30 day evaluation but it's not sending me the authorization code so I can actually use it. What do I do?

A. The demo may be used without the authorization code for 30 days by selecting 'Cancel' when asked. Authorization codes are given once you purchase the software.

Q. The installation got to 99% and then stopped.  What happened?

A. Before starting the installation please close all other programs and disable anti-virus software which can interfere with the installation.  If you are using Microsoft Outlook you must 'Exit and log off', not just close the window.  If you still encounter problems restart Windows and run the installation first thing before starting any other programs.




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