Feature Comparison - IntelliCAD 8.4 and AutoCAD

IntelliCAD 8.4 Standard ($197) IntelliCAD 8.4 Pro ($247) IntelliCAD 8.4 Pro Plus ($297)


AutoCAD Compatibility
Native DWG
DWG file support for v2.5-2018 New

Microstation .dgn file import

Export pdf, svg, bmp, emf, wmf, and stl files
Imports Collada dae files
- - NO
MTEXT support via external editor
Hatch editing
TrueType Fonts
Drawing Recovery

Save as DWF - Export to web

Support for CTB plot color table files

Support for STB plot style table files

Command line version of the PLOT command

Advanced features
Graphical Block Preview
Image menu
- NO
- NO

AutoCAD command line
Most CAD professionals spend years mastering AutoCAD commands until they're second nature. Since these commands help create the majority of CAD work, IntelliCAD 8 transparently maps them to IntelliCAD equivalent commands.

AutoCAD DWG support
IntelliCAD 8 allows users to read, write and display DWG files from Version 2.5 right through AutoCAD 2012 - without conversion. And since drawings are natively created in DWG, they can be shared between IntelliCAD and AutoCAD without losing mission-critical information. IntelliCAD has an added safety bonus- if it encounters information it cannot work with, it preserves the data unharmed.

AutoLISP and ADS
IntelliCAD 8 preserves the investment users have made in developing AutoLISP routines to automate and enhance functionality in AutoCAD. This is an important feature, since thousands of these routines exist in corporate AutoLISP libraries or in public domains as shareware. IntelliCAD runs most AutoLISP routines directly, and existing ADS (AutoCAD Development Systems) routines, including DCL, can be run after a recompile.

Menu's, fonts and symbols
It's no problem to transfer custom AutoCAD environments into IntelliCAD 8, because it works seamlessly with symbol libraries, fonts (SHX), scripts (SCR), menus (MNU), and dialog box (DCL) files (which are typically part of ADS programs or AutoLISP routines).

Edit multiple drawings
IntelliCAD 8 allows users to open multiple documents at once (MDI). This powerful feature enables CAD professionals to review two or more drawings within one session, copy objects from one drawing to another, load and edit xrefs and copy and paste elements, blocks, and more from one drawing to another.

Similar to macros found in Microsoft Office programs, IntelliCAD 8 records and automates commonly repeated tasks. For example, a script can capture command names, options and coordinates used in a given task, saving valuable design time. IntelliCAD also reads and writes SCR (script) files created in AutoCAD.